Veritia Simone & Co. Presents ‘A Cause of Elegance’ Fashion Show [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Fashion designers showcased their collections this past Friday, April 10, for the “A Cause of Elegance” Fashion Show. The event was put on by Veritia Simone & Co. and held at HOBI (House of Blended Ink) Studios, which was a last minute change from the show’s original venue. Unmoved by the location switch up and rainy weather, the fashion show went on smoothly with a packed room of supporters.

Veritia Simone & Co, along with designs from House of Fleur Fleur and Envy By Muah, were presented during the fashion show. The refreshing aspect of the clothing is that each group of looks were of stark contrast to one another. Fabric choices, color schemes, and garment types were essentially different, which kept the audience eager to see what’s next. The inspiration behind the designs were shared by the fashion designers themselves during a pre-show Q&A session. The woman behind House of Fleur Fleur, for example, shared that she travels to Paris quite often and that her garments are made with an European flair in mind. Envy By Muah’s creative Miss explained to the audience how fabric choices are key to creating her designs.

Tim the Poet and other artists performed during intermission.

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  1. Angela

    make this dreadful story short! This has been the Worst Experience EVER! I ordered a custom Prom Dress for my daughter from #VeritiaSimone. Made the 1st payment 3/6/15.

    They never followed-up after the payment was made. I emailed several times finally Someone responded stating I needed to email the gown department. I did that, they stated fabric samples would be sent as well as a measurement form. After not receiving anything from them after a few weeks.

    I emailed and asked for a refund. They explained I was not entitled to a refund. I didn’t understand why, being that they had not delivered on anything they stated they were going to do.. They did not Send a messurement form nor send fabric samples”

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    She insisted they where going to start working on the dress they had been busy due to a fashion show, and the sooner I send the remainder payment they would have the dress to me by the end of the week and I would receive a tracking number within 24hrs after payment was made.

    I made the payment I did not receive a tracking number, I had to email her to get it.. She provided me with a tracking number that states the label was created and it’s in PRE SHIPMENT meaning USPS doesn’t actually physically have a package to ship; the label was only created, now that was 4/17/15. keeping the story short.. It’s 4/29/15 the tracking number still say PRE- SHIPMENT. My daughter prom is May 2, 2015 and we have NO DRESS!


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    VeritiaSimone & Co.
    Clothing Store

    • admin

      Sorry that happened to you. Yes, you did the right thing by contacting your bank to report the fraudulent charge. It’s unfortunate that you had to go through this.