By: Jasmine York (@jasmineyorkthewriter), contributing writer

Maybe you would like to earn extra cash to splurge on a big getaway for spring break? Maybe you could use extra money to quickly pay down some debt? Whatever the case may be, the following are ways to earn additional money from home—through legal, legit, and painless ways.

· Resale Your Useful, Unwanted Items Online. The keyword here is useful. Join an online yard sale group on Facebook for a city near you. You may be surprised when you see who all wants to buy games you have laying around, that table sitting in your garage, or even that sewing machine you got for Christmas that you probably will never use.

· Write a Bizarre Top 10 List for $100. Listverse is said to be the original Top 10 site, with over 8 million readers a month. They accept submissions regularly and pay $100 for every Top 10 List published. Writers must provide unique content and lists must be about 1500 words. The downside is it takes about two weeks to know if your list has been accepted for publication. If it is accepted, then you’ll get paid right away!

· Open an Etsy Shop. If you’re pretty crafty, consider opening up an Etsy shop and selling your work. The ideas are almost endless. You can create invitations, hand-made scarfs, or make jewelry, you name it! Put your craft skills to use, market your work, and make a profit.

A good thing about the ideas listed above is that none of them require you to pay money upfront to get started. All you need is a little creativity and the internet. You may be surprised by how a little imagination can go a long way.