ON THE BLOCK: Tiona Deniece (@tionadee)


Our feature On The Block series artist for this week hails from Buffalo, New York. Tiona Dee, a singer/songwriter/photographer, is currently placing her stamp on the Atlanta scene. Her classy and sexy, nostalgic R&B sound has landed her in venues in and round the U.S., as well as, writing projects in L.A. for Jennifer Hudson and Amber Riley. Besides music, Tiona Dee is also a philanthropist and founder of “Tuff Diamonds,” an organization that helps young women with self-esteem and acceptance of their own individuality.



  • She says she came out of the hospital singing. [laughs] As a kid, Tiona would have issues remembering words to her favorite songs, so she would switch the words to something that she could remember (or lyrics that made more sense to her). As she got older, those words transitioned into writing poetry and song lyrics. 


  • Her motivation to be an artist is hugely due to the love she has for her father. He recently passed away from cancer. Tiona also is motivated by her fans and fulfillment from performing on stage.


  • Her musical style is soul R&B. It embodies the classic R&B we grew up with but at the same time an updated flow.


  • Tiona Dee’s dream collaborations would be with Luke James, Brian Michael Cox, Ryan Leslie, or Rico Love. 


  • Tuff Diamonds was started a few years ago. The organization’s purpose is to help young women embrace and celebrate their own uniqueness. Her “Diamonds” has done several community outreach projects. 


Stay tuned for the launch of Tiona Dee’s official website: www.tionadee.com. You can follow heron social media @TionaDee !