As much as people flash stacks of cash and designer labels on Instagram or Twitter, things are not what it seems. That’s a #FACT. Either they are lying or have a great job because most Gen Yers (Millennials) are NOT wasting money.

According to the Urban Land Institute (ULI), most Millennials are not living the high life. Instead, they are most likely to place restraints on their spending habits in hopes of living a fruitful lifestyle in the future. A 2015 report titled Gen Y and Housing: What They Want and Where They Want It examines the after-math of the “recession” and how Millennials took that experience and chose to navigate their financial habits going forward. Data from the report revealed that most 19-36 year old individuals prefer to live in the suburbs rather than in downtown condos/apartments. They also prefer regular jobs making ends meet and staying with parents or roommates to save money.

In numbers, here are some of the ULI’s survey findings:

  • 13% of Gen Yers live in or near downtowns; 63 percent live in other city neighborhoods or in the suburbs.
  • 50% are renters, paying a median rent of $925.
  • 21% currently live at home, and of those, 42% moved back home after living independently; 10% of those now living at home, expect to still be there in five years.
  • 14% live in households with three generations of family members.
  • 18% of all Millennials and 27% who rent…share housing with roommates. However, 58% of those with roommates would prefer to live alone.
  • 60% work full-time; and an additional 15% work part-time; however, 27% feel they are underemployed.
  • 38% consider themselves savers; 30%, spenders; and 32% say they are both.
  • 83% own automobiles (lowest percentage of owners, 74%, are in the Northeast; highest, 88%, are in the South)
  • Virtually all expect to own a home eventually, even though they are not necessarily convinced that housing is a good investment.
  • 9 out of 10 expect to match or exceed their parents’ economic circumstances.

Despite choosing to save money, Millennials  prefer to live in neighborhoods that gives the feeling of life in the city. Meaning, they want to be able to access shopping, entertainment, restaurants, etc quite easily. The goal is to live where it is easy to have fun with friends and family. Gen Yers place high value on work-life balance and flexibility, according to ULI.

To read the full report, click HERE.