[EXCLUSIVE] JoJo Zarur Clears Up Young Thug Comment & Reveals If Rich Gang is Over


Celebrity wardrobe stylist, Joanna “JoJo” Zarur, recently sat down with STACKS Magazine to set the record straight on a few things. She’s most known for her work with controversial rapper Young Thug, but has spent the last year or so as the style guru for Birdman’s Rich Gang crew. Just like her counterparts, JoJo has heard her fair share of crazy rumors. Most recently, however, the Miami-native found herself in the middle of a controversy again. This time it was over something she said in an interview with Pitchfork. JoJo made a comment about Young Thug’s wardrobe choices. Her comment was taken out of context and quickly went viral.

Now, JoJo wants to clear things up.

In our one-on-one, the former law student makes it known that Young Thug did (at one point) wear women and kids clothing. But, when the two started working with one another, JoJo helped change that. Because Young Thugs’ body type warranted smaller sizes, she began to make custom clothing for him. JoJo understood his vision and basically dressed the rapper in men’s clothing that visually revealed a bit of sophistication.

“What I said was, he started…you know, just shopping from women’s section, kid section. When I met him, I told him it’s cool that you like that style. But, I would make it so that it could be from a different department. I could just sew it, like if you wanted a different cut you know. But, I just don’t think you should be wearing a H&M little girls dress.

So, me and him just worked on it. He wanted it [clothes] to look like that and I wanted it to look like something else. The way he dresses now is like our combination. It’s different, but it’s not ratchet anymore. He looks dope now.”

JoJo Zarur isn’t naive to the public’s reaction to her clients’ style choices. Image is a big part of being in the entertainment business. Also, the shock factor makes fans and blogs talk. Styling Young Thug helped brand her name. In a short period of time, JoJo has worked with Birdman, Rich Homie Quan, Instagram celebs Atown and Snacks, Bambi of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” and others. This is pretty major for a young woman who was – just a short time ago – a college student working on the weekends at Moda404 in Atlanta. It was by chance that Peewee Roscoe, whom she says is Young Thug’s manager, came into the men’s clothing boutique and suggested she become a stylist.

But, her time with Rich Gang was probably more of an educational course than a fun experience. JoJo started her styling career working under the umbrella one of hip-hop’s top-earning music labels and its CEO, Birdman. As with any family, sometimes disagreements arise and people get all in their feelings. Apparently, this is one of the reasons why Rich Gang – as we know it – is no more. The public fallout between Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan was, kind of like, the beginning of the end.

“There’s no more Rich Gang.”

“It’s pretty public that, you know, Quan and all that sh*t that happened with Thug. Everything just got separated.”

Interviewer: with Thug calling him names…

“Yeah, it wasn’t cool and it’s pretty public. You know, me beefing with Quan…I mean Thug’s girl. Like, it’s just been a lot. We’ve tried to work through it, but it’s just not even worth it. I think it’s just better for us to do our own thing. Go our separate ways at this point.”

With Rich Gang out of the picture, JoJo’s been taking on new clients and has started (for the first time) working with females. She recently took on reality tv star Bambi as a client and styled her for Rasheeda’s PRESSED store grand opening. Of course, we had to ask her who are the hits and misses of LHHATL. To see that funny commentary, go to our YouTube channel. According to JoJo, everyone on the show could use a makeover. Maybe she can help the girls with their fashion sense next season.


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Photo credit: JoJo Zarur on Instagram