Iverson isn’t the only one capturing his life on film. Former NBA star Kenny Anderson is currently in production of “Mr. Chibbs,” a documentary about his career and personal struggles. The point guard prodigy is working with Skyscraper Productions and writer Jill Campbell on the project.

It’s going to be deep, it’s going to hit on some real personal issues,” said Anderson in an interview with Coming to grips with his mistakes and misdeeds, Kenny Anderson will be exposing a lot of things that many will be hearing for the first time. He explains that he wanted to keep the documentary “real raw and real truthful.”

One of the individuals he had to come clean with was his wife of 11 years, Natasha. In a recent report via, the two were hit with a federal tax lien back in April 2015. According to official documents, the Anderson’s owe back taxes in the amount of $56,172.69 on their home in Broward County, FL. If unpaid, the IRS will likely seize their personal assets.

No word on if their financial hardships will be discussed on ‘Mr Chibbs’ or a set release date.

In the meantime, the man with 10,000 points and 5,000 assists will host a basketball camp this summer. The camp will hit several cities, with its first stop in Atlanta on June 15-18.