Go-Getters: Bernard Love & Khaleel Garcia, of KB Creative Group

The creative design and implementation group of Bernard Love (Creative Director) and Khaleel Garcia (Production Coordinator) is a reflection of what happens when two like-minded creatives unite. With their vision, Bernard and Khaleel created KB Creative Group, which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. KB Creative Group is responsible for conceptualizing ideas for a client and executing their vision. The numerous fashion, editorial, and entertainment projects this team has managed has produced positive results. Their success rate continues to grow in Atlanta and throughout the U.S..


Bernard Love, Creative Director

KB Creative Group’s most recent project involved the annual Hip Hop Style issue of a popular magazine outlet. The issue hasn’t been released, but when it does, the public will get an opportunity to see the works of the KB Creative Group with Grammy Award nominated producer Drumma Boy, Def Jam recording artist Cyhi the Prince and Rich Homie Quan.

STACKS Magazine love to inspire others through the workmanship of small business owners. Bernard and Khaleel are prime examples of young men who are creating a name for themselves in a positive way and in an area not often occupied by Black men. So, we were pleased to speak with Bernard Love on various topics such as their vision for KB Creative Group to which client to do (or not to do) business with. Check out our interview below:

Khaleel Garcia, Production Coordinator

Khaleel Garcia, Production Coordinator

What inspired you and your business partner to open KB Creative Group?

I think we were inspired by the people around us telling us we should collaborate on a business together. Khaleel and I are practically brothers so we naturally work exceptionally well together and we just stepped out on faith and made it happen.

What is your mission/vision?

I’ve always just wanted to create really dope stuff….lol! Since high school, I’ve always been the one to create moments and events and spectacles..lol. I just want to inspire the creatives because that’s who really inspire me.

Define “creative director”…

I think to simply put it, a creative director directs the creativity of any project. We usually have an epiphany of how something should be and we formulate and guide the process of whatever it is we need to create.

What are some of your most successful accomplishments to-date?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some really cool people and some people I truly admire. I think KB Creative Kids, which is an entity of KB Creative Group would be my most successful accomplishment. Khaleel and I do different activities monthly that benefit the creativity kids. Most recently we partnered with The Home Depot and had an arts and crafts day at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

kb2What have been some difficulties in the business?

There are always hurdles popping up, but I think that’s just life. You’re not going to know everything, so sometimes it may throw you off or tamper with your pride. But you got take it and keep it moving.

What do you look for in a potential client and/or press outlet?

I like working with individuals who have an opinion, but also trust in my opinion as well. I have to be inspired and believe in anything I’m working on.

What will make you NOT want to work with a client?

Time. I won’t take a project if I don’t think I will have enough time to give it my all. I don’t want to get in the habit of compromising my creativity or someone’s project if there’s not enough time.

What is your creative process?

It just varies. Sometimes I’m reading photo books such as Campioni or anything Annie Leibovitz or watching an old movie or randomly walking around and that will spark and idea.

kb3Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes! I have 2015 BE Magazine Hip Hop Style Issue being released in June. I worked with Rich the Kid and Drumma Boy on the covers and have included some really cool artist this year include recent Grammy Nominee Cyhi the Prince, Tone, Tikko, Bennie Bates and Ferrari Simmons from Streetz 94.5. I’m also working on the launch of Iridium 77’s Atlanta Showroom. They are out of Chicago and have some really trendy fly clothing and we are all going to have a few dope preview parties for everyone.

How can people contact you for business?

People can check out www.kb-creativegroup.com and I can be reached at press@kb-creativegroup.com.