Every now and then we get a gem that hit our inbox. This time, that gem just happens to be a violinist and his name is Damien Escobar. We don’t know much about him at this point. But, apparently he’s from Queens, NY and has made a few waves in the music industry.

One thing we do know from his Instagram bio is that he’s an Emmy Award winning violinist. Recently, he did a cover that could not have dropped at even better time. The Drake and Meek Mill beef inspired Damien Escobar to do a thumb thuggin’ remake of Drake’s “10 Bands”. Damien partnered up with Cricket Wireless to bring the people of New York free performances as part of his “Damien Escobar – Unplugged Music Series.” The video is a snapshot of what went down.


If you are feeling his vibe, follow him on social media @DameEsco !