OJ Da Juiceman’s Sister Found Not Guilty for ‘Ms. Atlanta’ Murder


Terri Chimon Williams, the sister of Atlanta rapper OJ da Juiceman, was found not guilty for the 2013 murder of Charlese Brooks aka “Ms. Atlanta.” On Monday July 13th, Williams walked out of the Dekalb County Jail after serving a year and nine months with no bond. Williams faced seven charges, which included two counts of felony murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. She was found not guilty on all seven counts after a week long trial and six hours of deliberation.

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In a document sent to STACKS Magazine from the office of attorney W. Scott Smith,  Williams’ legal team was able to prove that she acted in self-defense. Brooks aka ‘Ms. Atlanta” was an aspiring singer who worked with Gucci Mane and Future. She also owned the recording studio that Gucci Mane worked out of at the time. With the help of a private investigator, a gun belonging to Brooks was able to be placed at the scene. Also during trial, the prosecutor’s star witness lied under oath about Brooks having a gun on the day of the murder.

Scott, with the help of his investigators, was able to introduce through testimony at trial the decedent s gun on scene during the shooting. Smith and Summers were able to find dried blood on the gun that was not known to investigators or the District Attorney’s office through the entire criminal process. After days of cross-examination by Scott, and testimony of three child witnesses, Dekalb County Assistant District Attorneys had to recall their star witness · Tauheedah Faust, better known as Ms. Honey, on the fourth day of trial to admit she lied under oath about Brooks having a gun on the scene during testimony given earlier in the trial week.


Photo credit: Ben Gray, AJC

Photo credit: Ben Gray, AJC

Williams returned home to her son, Deterrius Hardy, and family on Monday evening. No official statement has been released about the verdict from the family and friends of Charlese Brooks.