Amber Rose and the Bigger Issue with Human Trafficking



By: Antoinette Alston, contributing intern

Amber Rose, 31, was a victim of a company scheme that lured prospect models into an alleged prostitution ring. Apparently Ms. Rose was upset over the company’s attempt to falsely use her likeliness to “allegedly” prostitute aspiring models. She stated on her twitter account, “TRICKY F****…..Very Creative tho. I’ll give them that.”

The aspiring models were lured in by an ad on Instagram. Unfortunately, these type of incidents are becoming widespread and many are victims of human trafficking.

At least 20.9 million people are sold into sexual and labor trafficking worldwide.

One instance took place in Texas (Jun. 19) when authorities arrested 38-year-old Steven C. Sumlin for allegedly running a prostitution scheme on 30 college women. Mr. Sumlin lured these women, offering them modeling work and money by posting an ad on the internet and school campuses.

John Kerry, Secretary of State for the U.S. spoke in Washington, D.C. June 20, 2014 he stated, “Whether it is a young girl trapped in a brothel or a woman enslaved as a domestic worker or a boy forced to sell himself on the street or a man abused on a fishing boat, the victims of these crimes all have names, all had families. And they each have been robbed of the right to lead their lives the way that they might choose to for themselves.”

Kerry went on further to say, “All of us in this room are really all too aware that there’s perhaps no greater threat to human dignity than the evil of human trafficking…

Ms. Rose was the latest celebrity victim of an alleged prostitution ring. The 30 college women and 20.9 million victims who were forced into sexual and labor trafficking should expect each country in the world to come together and raise awareness on human sex trafficking.