Billionaire, John Paul Dejoria Shares 3 Business Tips to Work By


During the grand opening of Gocha Salon in Midtown Atlanta this past Saturday (Aug. 15), arguably the most iconic figure in the hair care industry was in attendance. John Paul Dejoria, who’s net worth an estimated $2.8 billion, was in Atlanta to congratulate Gocha Hawkins on her new salon and for the Bronner Bros Hair Show.

As the Founder/CEO of Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequilla, John Paul Dejoria’s ability to grow businesses from obscurity to major global brands is a testament to years of hard work. To attain success, entrepreneurs have to be able to endure a lot. Not all business moves that are made will result in success, which is why John Paul Dejoria says it is important to learn to handle rejection.

I would contribute my success to, number one, is being prepared for a lot of rejection. I had a lot during my life and I learned how to overcome rejection. That’s one thing. The second thing is America still works and if you realize that, you can work hard, go past rejection and go towards your goal.

John Paul Dejoria has held his spot on the Forbes list for a few years. His companies has secured his place among the most wealthiest people in the world. You would think that him having money to start a business is no problem. To the contrary, John Paul Dejoria started Paul Mitchell Systems with only $700 in 1980. So, his theory on business start-ups is not what many would think.

You can start with little to no money if you know you can do it. If you want to see a whole program on how to do it, go onto the computer to Stanford University in California. Type my name in John Paul Dejoria and they have it on there. I gave a lecture there about 45 minutes long on how to start a variety of jobs with little to no money.

To watch John Paul Dejoria’s entire keynote speech, check out the YouTube video below.


Photo credit: Kayla Madonna (@kaylathrualenz)