2 Chainz Says the Streets & Strip Clubs Are T.R.U. A&Rs During Def Jam Call


Yesterday (Sept. 2), Def Jam held a conference call with several artists from their roster. It started around 3pm EST, however we got on the call late. Per the moderator, there were some technical difficulties. On top of that, Jeezy wasn’t able to join in due to a flight delay. Nevertheless, we were able to listen in on 2 Chainz as he discussed his latest project Trapavellie Tre and how the streets and strip clubs play an important role in choosing his singles.

On when we can expect his third album…

The project is almost done…the title, the concept. I’m still going to have that for anticipation purposes, but when it’s time. When Trapavelli Tre get…well I’ve been getting great feedback from it. I got a few records on there and “Watch Out” being the lead joint, which I planned on doing anyway. I knew this project was gone put out some records to get me geared up to go into the album. So, that’s the idea.

On the importance of the streets and strip clubs when breaking music…

Hell naw, you got to do that. The streets is the A&R. The strip clubs are the A&Rs. The DJs are the A&Rs. So, you give it to them. That’s the thing about me…with this project, I wanted to get it to as many audiences that I could by making it “free.” I didn’t want to just have people just decide what they wanted to do, so I made it free so I could get it to as many audiences as possible. So they could become the A&R.

Thus far, since the project has been out, the streets chose…well I kinda picked “Watch Out”. It was like a no-brainer. I remember playing it for Ye [Kanye West] in Atlanta for Birthday Bash. Then Outkast came to the studio and Dre [Andre 3000] liked it. It was too many people that I was fans of, was digging that record. So it was just all about the roll-out for that. The other records…I had to put out in the streets and go out. I went to Blue Flame Tuesday, Magic City, then it was Soho Monday and things like that just to get what the DJs were playing already. And they were “BFF” and “El Chapo Jr”.

With Trapavelli Tre being one of the hotter mixtapes that’s out now, could we expect an album soon? During the call, 2 Chainz couldn’t pinpoint a release date. Although, he did mention “Black Friday” (the Friday after Thanksgiving). The Southside Atlanta artist also has a son that will be born before the year end. So, it will be interesting to see if he has time to drop an album in two to three months.

We’re assuming that the conference call was to help promote Def Jam’s roster and current/future projects. It’s unclear if this was the most effective way, considering the technical difficulties. Thankfully, we at least got an opportunity to hear 2 Chainz and get more insight on his project(s).

Trapavelli Tre is available for download now on Livemixtapes.com!


Photo: @Hairweavekiller on IG