We look at rich, wealthy individuals and think that they are happy. Having access to money and material things, we automatically assume that their lives are less stressful or exciting. Although money is handy to keep bills paid, there are other concerns in their lives that a dollar bill just can’t resolve.

So, if you accumulate wealth, what is needed in order to maintain your happiness? Recently, I came across a newsletter from life coach, Tony Robbins, that listed 5 Keys to Wealth & Happiness. Robbins believes a person must recognize his or her pitfalls first and then learn how to overcome them. These five things will help individuals reach their full potential (wealth) and still be happy!

  1. Learn how to handle frustration. Frustration can kill dreams. It can change a positive attitude into a negative one, an empowering state into a crippling one. Look at almost any great success, and you’ll find there’s been massive frustration along the way. All successful people know to plow through roadblocks, using each setback as a learning experience.
  2. Learn how to handle rejection. Is there anything in the human language that strings more than “no?” How often have you decided not to try for a position at your company, make a sales call, or take an audition because you didn’t want to be rejected?  There are no real successes without rejection. The more rejection you get, the better you are, the more you’ve learned, and the closer you are to your outcome.
  3. Learn to handle financial pressure.  Handling financial pressure is about knowing how to get and how to give, knowing how to earn and how to save. Money is like anything else in life; you can make it work for you, or against you. Learn to deal with financial pressure with the same purpose and elegance as other things in your life, so money is no longer a source of unhappiness or compromised ideals.
  4. Learn to handle complacency. We’ve all seen people – celebrities, athletes, business owners, etc. – who reach a level of success and then stop. Comfort can be a disastrous emotion because when we get too comfortable, we stop growing, creating, sharing and adding value. The key to managing complacency is to stay focused on your vision and make sure you don’t “major in minor things.”
  5. Always give more than you expect to receive. This is the most important key because it virtually guarantees true happiness. Most people spend their time thinking about how they can receive. Our lives change the moment we change our focus from what we can get to what we can give. The key to any relationship is you have to give first and then keep on giving. Don’t stop and wait to receive!