Chris Brown to Release ‘Royalty’ on Black Friday

chris-brownBy: Antoinette Alston, contributing intern


A bond between a father and his daughter is the essence of true love. This is portrayed when R&B artist Chris Brown decided to name his new album ‘Royalty’ after his beloved 1-year-old daughter; and releasing the album on Black Friday (Nov. 27).

Brown’s love for his daughter, Royalty, has allowed him to express himself in new fashions personally and professionally. His Instagram account is the reflection of that particular love.

Now that Brown has fully embraced the responsibility of fatherhood, the only thing left to do, is to express his unwavering love for his daughter with his fans on an album.

A source close to Brown told Urban Islandz, “Of course you can’t have an album [titled] Royalty without the queen being featured on it. It was fun having her in the studio and you can tell that she is a star in the making.

So, fans be on alert for ‘Queen Royalty’ to make her first debut on the album, which Brown wouldn’t have it any other way.

Broadcasted on Hot 97’s Nessa and Camilo, Brown announced the release of ‘Royalty’ Nessa made the announcement flowing a story about how Brown is joyful for being a parent and how that joy has made her consider having children herself.

Only two singles from Brown’s latest album, “Liquor” and “Zero,” have surface.

Brown has been busy lately, with Royalty’ s Black Friday release on the way, his countless features, collaboration with Tyga “Fan of a Fan: The Album,” and his last solo album back in September 2014 tilted “X.”

There has been no news as to how much the album will cost or if Brown will be dropping another single before its release date.