Champagne is not a favorite of ours, but apparently it is for many hip hop stars. Jay Z has Ace of Spades All-Pinot champagne and Rick Ross with Belaire Rose. Next up, surprisingly, to enter the bubbly sector is Pastor Young aka Jeezy. According to a recent press release, Jeezy is working on a new champagne tentatively called “Project Gold Bottles.”

The Tequilla Avion ambassador and multicultural advisor will partner up Avion’s founder, Kevin Austin.

“I have long loved high-end tequila and champagne and this love has inspired me to create a rich, full-bodied champagne that represents my passion,” Jeezzy says in a press release, per hiphopwired. “I am fortunate to have a partner like Ken [Austin, founder] whose entrepreneurial track record includes my favorite ultra-premium tequila. Ken has a deep understanding of the drinks space and several luxury categories that I know will be invaluable to growing this business.  I look forward to bringing a luxury champagne to my fellow artists and fans in the near future.”

“Project Gold Bottles” is still in its development stage. No word yet on when the first case of bubbly will be ready for public consumption.

Kudos to  Jeezy! #BossUp

In case you missed his #SundayService single “Gold Bottles,” take a listen to it below: