MUSIC REVIEW: @WindsorJonesATL – “F#ck Being Humble” Hosted by DJ MLK & A Town Mike


Although there’s been a new sound emerging from the streets of Atlanta, there are still some local artists who embrace tradition. Not that these kind of artists turn there noses up to what is called the “New Atlanta,” it’s just that they simply view the musical landscape through a different lens. Some have true ties to the city, born and raised, and isn’t quick to just jump on the bandwagon of what is deemed “popular”. This is precise for Windsor Jones (formerly known as Dat Boy Tragic).

Windor Jones is one of those rap artists who has seen the city of Atlanta go from an infamous Edward J mixtape to Young Thug. His longevity as an independent artist started years ago, therefore he’s witnessed the changes in the music scene. Windsor, himself, toyed with ups and downs in his music. But, one thing that has stayed consistent is his knack for just being himself. He’s dropped several projects and rocked stages all over the South. Now, Windsor Jones is letting it be known that he reps the city the right way and that it’s time to get his just due.

His latest mixtape is F#ck Being Humble hosted by DJ MLK & A Town Mike.

The 20-track project is a collection of typical sounds that are synonymous with the A. However, when the world is questioning lyrical skills of other rappers from Atlanta, Windsor Jones is the diamond in the ruff. He’s the guy that put you in the mind state of Tip when he first dropped Trap Muzik. You can tell the dimple-faced rapper has studied the craft and hungry for his shot at stardom. On tracks like “F.B.H.” and “Holdin My Nuts,” he’s aggressively letting the industry know that those days of playing it cool are over. This Westside Atlanta native got bars, so respect him for that and the time he’s put in.

Stand out tracks from the F#ck Being Humble mixtape include collaborative joints, “Flexer” (feat. Dru Smith), “Kick Out It” (feat. Tone), and “Wanna Go Outside,” which samples “I Wanna Go Outside in the Rain” by The Dramatics. Windsor does a good job by giving the ladies something to rock to on “Break It Down” and “P.Poppin Fiend” (feat. Bambino Gold & Poncho). Tracks like “Pressure,” “How Can I Complain?,” and “Live and Die In Da A” gives his supporters, and those that’s new to his music, a real satisfaction knowing there’s depth in Atlanta artists. Not everyone is hooked to auto-tune and mediocre content.

With the production assistance of Beatlordz, Propain, Shawty Fresh, and DJ Plugg, for instance, Windsor Jones took a solid shot with this project. Although the overall sound is not ground breaking, he’s clearly coming into his own lyrically and strategically. It will be interesting to see what 2016 has in store for Windsor. If I had to guess, it will be bigger, better moves and respect given…period.


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