By: Alex Ro, contributing intern

Just in time to revive the legacy of the 80 and 90’s R&B groups, Voice, D-Nyce, Lucky, and Divine, make up the all-male singing group Final Draft. Shaking the music world up with an intimate and up an close listen to what they are about to release , even has mentor Teddy Riley up on his toes as he quotes the group as “amazing” and “what the industry is in need of.”

On Wednesday night, Final Draft held a listening session at  FreddyO’s clothing store Tees & Quotes here in Atlanta to let media and their fans take a first hand listen to slew of soft melodic singles. Releasing tracks like “Stay ( Don’t Go ),” “Never Ending Love,” “Na Na,” and “Winning,” Final Draft collectively co-wrote and added their own personal journeys from previous relationship, runs, and high note tones to each song. Four respectable young men hailing from Florida to Queens, New York, each member was not afraid to leave their heart on their sleeves and emotions on the stage.

Ultimately, the single “Winning” was the crowds favorite choice and first single that the group will be releasing to the public soon. A sexy playful tune that gives haters a chance to sulk in their feelings about another’s “winning” relationship, should really shake up the club vibes as we deem this single women approved and twerk worthy.