The business of fashion has seen an overwhelming influence from the urban, street wear synthetic since the late 80’s. As fashion designers like Dapper Dan became a beacon in hip-hop culture, it was custom garments that took presence on street corner blocks, house parties, and eventually rap videos. The conceptualization of these popular designs became more than just a trend for artists like LL Cool J  and legendary drug dealers like Rich Porter. In fact, the hip-hop culture has embraced custom designer pieces for over 20 years now.

There’s been several individuals and brands that has helped curate this journey in fashion. One of which has taken the torch and transformed the job of “fashion designer” into much more than we could have anticipated.

The founder of Exclusive Game Clothing is a meek-yet-determined businessman named Tee. He’s from New York and has been in the industry for over 10 years. While operating out of Atlanta, GA, Tee is the go-to guy for athletes, entertainers, and men who are in search of a certain street-edge and quality. From Jeezy to Shaquille O’Neal, Exclusive Game Clothing has dressed everyone in everything. However, what makes Tee’s designs so attracting is that his pieces maintain a high-level of masculinity and swag. It is also a plus that Tee incorporates some of the most exotic fabrics into his designs. When you contact Tee for a custom piece, he’s going to offer you crocodile, snake skin, fox, and any other fabric choice he can think of. Exclusive Game Clothing is about being different and out-shining the competition. This is what makes his work highly appreciated by celebrity clientele.

exclusivegame_jeezyBut, where did it all start? Tee explains that he saw a void in the “jersey” game while living in New York. At the time, Mitchell & Ness was a dominant brand that were producing high-end jerseys. For Tee, this was an opportunity to offer something better and custom.

Yeah, I started off back in ’04/’03 making custom made jerseys. Mitchell & Ness was coming out with these special high end jerseys that were $500/$600. Me, I always wanted to be different so I had made my own. Same quality but even better than what they were coming out with and everyone was like “where the hell you get that one from.” That’s how the trend started. Everyone wanted to be different because everyone had the same exact jersey on but mine was where you could make your own high school team, your hood, or your record label. Whatever color you wanted to match your shoe of the day. Whatever you wanted it to be. That’s how I started doing that so that was how the jersey’s got started with “custom jerseys”. From leather to furs to now you know. That’s how I got started at the time.

His first celebrity client was artist Lil Jon. Tee went on to design pieces for Nelly, Birdman, Diddy, Rick Ross, and many others. He became Jeezy’s first wardrobe stylist and creator of the notorious “Snowman” t-shirt. During his rise in the hip-hop fashion world, being creative was (and still is) a big component to his success. However, creativity sometimes comes during a collaborative effort with the client.

Just last week, I was at [Rick] Ross crib and he actually designed some of them. I didn’t get what he was saying. When it came out, it came out how he wanted it to so we did a collab together. We don’t do collabs but last week was really all his idea. I just get credit for it. A lot of my clients gives me ideas and what they are looking for as well. I just bring it to life.

As one of most sought after designers/stylists, the business of Exclusive Game Clothing is time consuming. While operating a retail shop (in Buckhead) and manufacturing warehouse, Tee is also a traveling designer. Clients contact him for product and services from all over the world. Being the hands-on businessman that he is, Tee will hop on a red-eye flight to travel to his client. His dedication to his craft and brand can be attributed to his “by any means necessary” train of thought.

I travel a couple hours. What I would do is travel meaning I’m headed to one [client]. I go meet the client. He pays for the jets. So, I go out there tomorrow to New York and I just go in his closet. He usually give me one sneaker or if they send me a picture I just go leather shopping with the shoe and give different ideas for each shoe. I take it and write down little notes and stuff. I do a lot of traveling. I might do a video shoot, concert, whatever it may be.

exclusivegame_rozayThe business of fashion is open to whomever want it the most. Tee learned this along the way while increasing his roster of clients and staying up-to-date on trends. He tells future fashion designers that it all starts with the love of the craft. “Love what you are doing,” Tee said. “Have confidence about it, don’t second guess it.”  Another aspect is to establish yourself by creating your own lane. Instead of following someone else’s design asethetic, create your own  and let them see what makes you, you.

Exclusive Game Clothing has become a staple in the fashion industry because of three things: timely delivery, consistency, and dope pieces. Also, Tee has been able to afford himself the luxuries that come along with being your favorite rappers favorite designer. Yes, he has the big house, Ferrari, and of course, designer clothes. But, as he explains, all of that came with time and money management.

Stack your paper. Save your money. I wouldn’t go buy dumb stuff, just keep saving. When you see me jumping out Ferrari’s and stuff, that’s the reason why. I saved my money for a long time. Then, I knew when it was time to get that Ferrari, it was paid for {laughs}. It was mine. That’s the best thing I could tell somebody.

From time to time, shoppers at his Buckhead location can see the fruits of his labor posted up outside. But just pass the Ferrari doors is the temple of what is Exclusive Game Clothing. On any given day, you may see a celebrity getting sized up for a custom piece. Or you may see a customer picking up the latest Jordan’s or Buscemi shoes. Whatever it is, there’s a look and quality that you’ll walk away with while in Exclusive Game Clothing.  For Tee, his brand is here to help boost your confidence and make you stand out from the rest.

In this fashion world, it’s never no “dont’s.” You do what you want to do. I ain’t telling you to throw no dress on or no shit, but you know…{laughs} as long as you are confident. If you’re confident enough, you can get away with a lot of different things in this fashion world.

Exclusive Game Clothing provides more than custom jackets and tops. They also customize suits, tuxedos, shoes, and boots. This winter, Tee’s been dabbing into velour and long trench coats with fur collars. Whatever he can make you look fly in, he will make it. As far as his future, Tee says he want to open 10 new stores.

Yep, Exclusive Game Clothing is going global. Tee is taking over.


For more information on Exclusive Game Clothing, visit them at www.exclusivegame.com or via social media at @ExclusiveGame . If you are in the Atlanta area, visit their store location at 3255 Peachtree Rd., Buckhead, GA 30305