What makes a girl want to model and act. It is mind-boggling. However, there’s something appealing about a woman of many talents. A different kind of “triple threat” of sorts.

Understanding why one chose a diverse career path was the goal here. One person, in particular, is a living testament to this journey and was willing to share her story with us. Her name is Ashley S. Evans.  She’s a small town girl with big city dreams. She attended Georgia State University and began modeling her freshman year. Since graduating, Ashley S. Evans’ face has been featured in Upscale Magazine, Sister 2 Sister, and on the hit reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Even with school and modeling, she has also found time to act.

In 2015, Ashley S. Evans dove into the acting world after a bad breakup. “After my breakup, I enrolled in classes and started going to more auditions. I fell in love with that as well.” But what is a woman to do that has a diverse set of job skills? When asked what career she preferred and what is her goal for the next 10 to 15 years, Ashley S. Evans adamantly chose “acting” as her end all be all.  “What I want for my family I don’t believe a 9 to…even though working as a chemist pays pretty well, I don’t think working for someone else like that is going to give me what I need to give to my family.”

Everybody knows the top actors and actresses. Everybody looks up to them. They inspire people and I want to be one of those people. Use that platform to positively influence others and show them that they can follow their dreams. Also, to not compromise their morals as well. ”

Ashley S. Evans has a degree in Chemistry and currently works as a chemist in Atlanta. Although the scientific life is one of her loves, Ashley S. Evans is very passionate about becoming a top actress one day. Her goal is to make her family proud and be a positive role model to young girls.

The Waynesboro, GA native shares some great tips for aspiring models and actresses. One key tip is to research everything before you go for an audition or contacting photographers for head shots. She says it is best to utilize Google as much as you can. Ashley S. Evans doesn’t mind offering up advice even as she continues to “go through the ropes” herself.

“Do your research! For every job, do your research on every photographer, every agency that you’re thinking about working with. Google is your friend. It will tell you everything that you need to know. Even the type of pictures the photographer take. Google him. See if that is something that you want to represent. If he take photos of a bunch of naked girls and that’s not what you’re trying to do, then obviously you may not need to work with that photographer.”

“Practice! Practice in the mirror. Practice in front of your friends and family. Don’t let you nerves get the best of you.”

Also, she says when auditioning, aspiring models should already know the do’s and don’ts.

Know what to wear to an audition. Modeling and acting is a little different. At modeling auditions, you have to wear your white tank top, blue jeans, and black heels. Have confidence when you get in front of the agencies or directors or casting directors. I know this sound crazy but a lot of agencies like to know that you are working before you sign with them. They are suppose to get you work, but at the same time you’re supposed to find your own work.

The days of only a handfull of beautiful black models and actresses are long gone. Thousands of women aspire to be the next Tyra Banks or Cicely Tyson. Therefore, in L.A., NYC, and places like Atlanta, there can be overcrowded audition rooms. Not every girl is going to land the job and Ashley S. Evans understands this all too well. “Because there are so many black females here in Atlanta, I’ve found some difficulties. When they are looking for models for a certain gig or campaign, they are so many black models submitting. Whereas there are not as many white models submitting. And, depending on the campaign and how big the campaign is, most of the time they already have their black models. And, what they are looking for are the white models. With so many black models submitting, there’s only so much room for the black models.”

If their ultimate goal is to become a high fashion model, definitely I would go to New York. If their ultimate goal is to become a commercial model, in Atlanta is fine, but you have to know what you are doing. You have to be good. You have to make them choose you over everybody else.”

Ashley S. Evans is on her way to make a name for herself by starring in several independent films. Acting, unlike modeling, is a different type of artistic expression that takes lots of practice as well.

Being in the moment. When you are in the car, on the way to set, you are that character. You have to remember that. If you’re playing a character that supposed to be a straight laced lawyer and you come on set and you’re giggly and playing around, then you’re not really that character. Stay in the moment and be that character even before you get to set.”

On the financial end, Ashley S. Evans keeps it real with the newcomers. “Don’t expect to be able to pay your bills. Don’t think just because you’re becoming this model or actress that’ll be able to support yourself in the beginning. That’s not realistic at all. And see, that’s an upper hand that I do have over a lot of the models. Yes, they are devoting 24 hours to modeling and acting. But, I chose this route.  I chose to be able to support myself and to do that.”

Ashley S. Evans is a Go-Getter in our book! She’s living out her dreams and being smart about it at the same time.


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