In a recent poll by Repucom, a London-based sport and media research firm, results revealed that hip-hop music remains to be the least favorite genre of people ages 34 and younger.

A Billboard article reports that after 3000 were surveyed, Repucom found that millennials from age 14-34, 55 percent favorited pop music. Only 33 percent of young adults preferred hip-hop music. The individuals surveyed were residents across the globe: U.S., Japan, Germany, U.K., Germany, and France.

Not only did “hip-hop” fall short in the minds of millennials, a hip-hop artist didn’t even fall into the Top 5 of “most liked artists.”  Taylor Swift is the no. 1 most loved artist globally. Repucom says that Swift’s likability is due to her marketability. Her image, to some, seems cookie cutter. But, the fact is that Swift’s image has a DBI (David Brown Index) of 88.5. The DBI measures consumer views on 8,000 celebrities. Swift has been able to make her brand a “safe” one that corporations can rely on. For hip-hop artists on the other hand, their DBIs aren’t high at all. The only two hip-hop artists that come close to Swift is Snoop Dogg (82.9) and Nicki Minaj (81.8).

Beyonce, of course, lands at no. 5 on Repucom’s poll with a score of 84.6. However, her husband and Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z didn’t fall in the Top 10. This goes to show that hip-hop, although it is overcrowded with artists from all over the globe, doesn’t feed the appetites of the foreigners who enjoy music.