Destination America is premiering a new docu-series on April 15th, which involves the paranormal. The show, “Ghost Brothers,” is a six-part series that features three young African-American males who travels the U.S. as a paranormal investigation team. The twist is that conflict between their religious upbringing and their thirst for the unknown. Cast members Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt, and Marcus Harvey set out on this ghostly journey to uncover the truth behind the a series of haunted houses.

STACKS Magazine had the opportunity to attend an exclusive press screening for “Ghost Brothers,” at Graveyard Tavern in Atlanta. Intern Alex Ro spoke with the three best friends during a personal one-on-one interview. Juwan, Dalen, and Marcus were more than upfront about the show,  their dating life as ghost hunters, and much more.

Watch our recap in the video above.

Here are few photos from the event:

#GhostBrothers premieres Friday, April 15 at 10/9c on Destination America (@DestAmerica).

Photos: Prince Williams for Destination America

Dalen Spratt – As the leader of the group, Dalen identifies, researches, and organizes the locations that the GHOST BROTHERS investigate. He is adventurous, bold and willing to try anything while looking for and trying to make contact with ghosts. When he was 7 years old, Dalen saw an apparition in his grandmother’s house and that experience is one that has been forever ingrained in his memory. Born and raised in Dallas, his mother is the head Pastor of a church and his religious upbringing made him realize that there must be some higher power governing us all, having a profound impact on his life and how he approaches exploring the paranormal.
Juwan Mass – From Chicago, Juwan’s fascination with the paranormal started at just 12 years old when he would go ghost hunting in graveyards. He would experience drastic temperature drops and eerie shifts in energy that he wasn’t able to explain, physical sensations that piqued his curiosity and drove him to explore more. In 2005, Juwan and Dalen met as fraternity brothers at Clark Atlanta University, and bonded over a shared interest in the unknown. In 2011, they started investigating haunted locations that included cemeteries, hotels and churches, and have been on a mission to uncover evidence of the paranormal ever since.
Marcus Harvey – The newest member of the group, Atlanta-based Marcus is a barber with celebrity clientele, and began cutting Dalen’s hair six years ago. When he
shared his paranormal experience with Dalen – of being asleep and having a vivid sensation of an entity putting their hands over his mouth – Dalen quickly invited Marcus to join he and Juwan on their next hunt, and it’s been the GHOST BROTHERS trio ever since. Marcus considers himself the charmer of the group, the playful character who brings the humor but also handles the tools and technology for the team.