By: Alex Ro, contributing intern (@alexrolive)

Former NFL/CFL football linebacker, entrepreneur, father and philanthropist Stevie Baggs Jr. is the latest eligible bachelor that is gambling for love on “Match Made in Heaven” Season 2.  Eighteen beautiful bachelorettes traveled from all over, including Brooklyn, New York to even Lancaster, California, in hopes of being the next Mrs. Baggs.

Before Baggs puts a ring on it, he will not only have the counseling of Pastor Ken Johnson, his spiritual advisor, but also the heavily impactful advisement of a woman, Lola Robinson.  She assumes the position of a producer’s assistant, but will later reveal herself as his mother. After screening the premiere episode at last night’s WE tv event, I noticed that Mama Lola will leave you questioning if you are really ready for any man, let alone her baby boy. Yes, mama Lola joins the long list of celebrity moms that doesn’t play about the well-being of her child and will have a stern hand in the selection of her next daughter-in-law.

This season of “Match Made in Heaven” is a slightly different from other reality dating shows, as this shows focuses on dating in its raw state. A successful African American businessman and father is not just looking for the next beautiful face, busty chest or an impression of a woman who she thinks will impress him. Instead, a woman of substance, employment and brains that will all be the considering factors to getting past mama’s approval and ultimately his qualifications and test.

The women’s careers range from Rihanna’s backup dancer to web developers, attorneys, office managers and even customer service representatives. These women will have to prove that they can take this eligible bachelor off the market and turn him from successful to a significant man. My thoughts are questionable as one young woman steps on to the scene who proclaims she is a 24-year-old virgin (by choice) that has never been in love before, but thinks Baggs is the one for her…*crickets*. But, what she does off camera – when she assumes no one is looking – will leave you thinking. Who raised that lost and misguided young lady?

Viewers will see that mama is no fool. Lola has a full on advantage to picking the gold-diggers out because – sooner than later – they will truly show their unappreciative attitudes in a bold and condescending way.

In my opinion, after watching this first episode before the general public, only one woman – out of 18 girls – seems to have all the qualities and etiquette that might leave ol’ Stevie thanking host Sherri Sheppard, mama Lola and Pastor Johnson for helping in his decision of who is next bride may be. The competition is stiff, but it’s one thing that has me questioning this show.  The maturity of a grown man – who needs the advisement of others to help him decide if that’s the women for him – instead of choosing for himself.

I was always told a woman chooses her boyfriend, but a man – not his mother, bestfriend, homeboy from the down street or cousin – findeth his wife. That’s in the scripture. However, until I find the actual quote, I will clap it up for mama Lola as she turns down all the hoochie mamas with hidden agendas, bad living habits, unbearable attitude’s, and less than smart personalities that are fighting for the opportunity to steal Stevie’s heart away.

Be sure to tune into WEtv’s Season 2 of “Match Made in Heaven” with the sexy Stevie Baggs Jr., alongside the very opinionated, beautiful and sassy mama Lola Robinson, the always funny Sherri-godmother, Sherri Shepherd and Pastor Ken Johnson, every Thursday starting May 19th at 10 pm ET/PT.

Photos: Marcus Ingram