Instead of investing in watermelon water, Beyonce could be making a fortune right now off of lemonade. She will still make a cute coin off of the watermelon drink, but our assumption is that sales may not be as impactful. If Beyonce would have capitalized off of her Lemonade album by releasing a new drink along with it, that would have been major! However, billionaire Oprah Winfrey is not allowing this craze pass her by. She is reportedly looking to expand her brand to the beverage business, which will include the southern refreshment.

According to TMZ, Oprah filed docs to expand her global brand to include bottled water, energy drinks, coconut water. She’s even taking a sip from Beyonce’s pitcher to market and sell her own brand of Lemonade.

This isn’t the first time Oprah Winfrey tapped into the beverage industry.

Oprah partnered with Starbucks, in 2014, to launch her own chai teas. The Teavana Oprah Chai teas were sold to help raise money for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. With each chai tea and/or chai products and gift sets sold, a portion of the sales were donated to the academy.

No word yet on when Oprah’s new lemonade will be released to the public.


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