The MMG CEO has made major strides with Wing Stop. Now, it looks like Rick Ross got his savory palette set on burgers and fries.

In a recent slew of SnapChat videos, Rick Ross was spotted at a meeting with the Checkers team. Our assumption is that the bawse is planning to invest in the company by opening up one, two (hell, maybe more) franchise locations.

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. became a staple in the fast-food industry in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama. The restaurant’s flavored burgers and fries, along with the genius creation of double drive-thru lanes, instantly became a family favorite in the Southeast and Midwest regions.

In 1999, Checkers combined forces with Rally’s and now boast over 800 restaurants across the United States.

If this is his next major investment, that’s what’s up. Salute to Ross! #bosscheckers #hungryforsuccess

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