By: Jing Yang, contributing intern (@jing5233)

Heavy leather bags are no longer suitable for this sweaty season. Going to the beach, sitting on the benches under coconut trees, walking along the coastal highway while enjoying the breeze from the sea, assume that you are in one of those beautiful scenes. What kind of bags should you choose? There is no doubt that canvas bags are your best choices.

Simple design, light material, high capacity, and the most important character of canvas bag is its sense of fresh. Canvas bags can match all your daily clothes, especially when you are on vacation or you want to dress casual. Having a canvas bag can make you younger and more easy-going. Sexy and powerful when you are wearing leather bags. Canvas bags make you become more lovely and adorable.

myotherbag“My Other Bag” is a canvas bag brand from California. The biggest characteristic of this bag is that the textures on these bags are all from other high fashion brands’ classic design. They use those classic designs as their inspiration and change them into a comic image, therefore, those strict leather bags images become much more lovely on those canvas bags. What is interesting is that, Louis Vutton (LV) once sued My Other Bag for using LV’s bags as their bags texture. However, LV failed and even the judge said My Other Bag is a kind of humor style.


All these bags can be found on its official website, and all of them are not expensive. The biggest one only costs $35. But you can use these bags to carry all the stuff you need when you want to go out in the summer.


In this summer, My Other Bag also cooperated with a South Korean famous make up brand—THE FACE SHOP produce a special CC cushion. They also design a kind of tiny bag for this foundation, which is very cute. Those CC cushion cost about $18.12 for one.

You can buy it here:


STILL AND CHEW is a South Korean fashion brand, its greatest feature is its comic animal images on its products. Unlike My Other Bag, which only produce bags, this brand also has many T-shirts and other accessories. This brand uses natural flax to make their bags, so their bags are very environmental friendly. I failed to find its bags on the American website, but I find other accessories, which are also very cute from this brand. If you are interested, you can buy them here: