By: Alex Ro, contributing intern (@alexrolive)

Atlanta rap-duo and newcomers to the game, Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus aka EARTHGANG, took the BMI Urban Showcase stage to perform their many hits, one being “Strays With Rabbies” and the oh so secretive new single “ Voo-Do.”  Before the two hit the stage, STACKS Magazine spoke with the duo and how they plan on taking over as head leaders of the new generation.

On the creation of “Strays with Rabies”:

Johnny Venus:  “I don’t even know if it’s this generation, but just how people are journey men. Even though we are from Atlanta, we really toured over the country building our fan bases just doing what we do. And not just us, but our fans they move. They’re from here, then we meet people from all over the place. But it all…we all have that. We all bring those references with us and we bring what we take with us. We all influence each other through experiences. Basically, so that’s kind of the take on it, just growing up really.”

Doctur Dot:  “Being stray and being on your own. Being away from your comfort zone you could, anybody can stay in the A and chase that strip club record ‘cuz it fun, and when it come out..we all love it (JV interjects: “you get to go to the strip club”). But just the way our perspective on anything it’s like..well if everybody doing it, I’ma just try to do something where I could at least try and have fun. At the end, it’s about us having a good time.”

On the album’s creative process and how it differed from a mixtape:

JV: “Kind of and but not really for us, it’s all about the refining process. In the beginning stages it was really about getting our ideas out and making whatever we wanted to make and just really trying this out and testing this out. Then once we start selecting these threads to put this tapestry together, it’s in the refining stages. And that’s a lot of times where life kind of like validates these early ideas like, “Hell yeah, put that sh*t on there. Put that sh*t on there.”  Then we have those moments to further to flush out those ideas. Then into our absorbent EP’s mixtape or whatever you want to call it.”

DD: “We don’t necessarily say look, “this is going to be on the album.” Because I mean to date, we still are signed. We ain’t put out no real “studio album.”

Pursuing music was not easy as it seemed – after being homeless a short while – after meeting each other in the 9th grade. Sticking together for over 10 years and still complimenting each other personal and musical styles. EARTHGANG also details their new project the fans should be on the lookout for, hopefully, hitting the music world in the summer time.

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