By: Kira Demund, contributing intern (@kiracarinaa)

Leave it to none other than creative mastermind Donald Glover to combine sharks with the screening of his new show “Atlanta.” That was the ambiance of FX’s “Atlanta” season premiere screening held at the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday (August 25).

Gracing the red carpet was the cast of the show which included: Donald Glover (Earn), Brian Henry (Paper Boi), and Lakeith Stanfield (Darius) along with many other celebrity cameos such as Jermaine Dupri and Metro Boomin.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Glover, who grew up in Atlanta, takes his own experience, black culture, and everyday life for people living in Atlanta and transcends it into a television series. Henry said that showcasing black culture on television is significant in itself.

“People talk about diversity and wanting diversity but they want it to be safe and accessible. I think that Atlanta is offering (diversity) now,” Henry (Paper Boi) said. “Because, our world isn’t always safe and it isn’t always accessible and we are hoping to do that with our show. We want to represent people who are not just from Atlanta but are from DC or Philly because we create a world wherever we go. We always have to find a way to make our own communities and we give everybody a place at our table even though we may not necessarily have a place at their’s.”

What’s it like working with Donald Glover who is the creator, writer, and star of the show? Well, an executive producer of the show said he is very fun to work with despite juggling several jobs.

“He would do what he wanted but if it wasn’t exactly right, he could find something good about it and roll with it and find a third solution,” an executive producer said. “Usually when people have that many jobs, they flip out and are not very nice but he’s always real fun to work with.”

Following the red carpet was an exclusive screening of the first two episodes of the show. In the first two episodes alone, there’s drama already! We won’t give any spoilers away, but it is safe to say that this season will have you laughing and sitting at the edge of your seat.

As kicks and giggles, the show makes references to things that people who live in Atlanta can relate to such as Edgewood Avenue and wet lemon pepper wings from J.R. Crickets.

After the screening, it was time to party! Guests filled the ocean ballroom and enjoyed a scenic view of fish and sharks while Metro Boomin worked the turntables.

Get your lemon pepper wings ready, “Atlanta” premieres September 6 at 10/9c on FX!