Dr. Dre is ready to sue Sony Pictures over the forthcoming Lifetime movie, “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le.”

The hip-hop mogul’s legal team is set to go to bat against the film’s producers if his character is tarnished in the movie. The biopic, which tells the story of singer Michel’le and her twisted relationships with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, has scenes that show Dre being abusive. The two dated for six years, over 30 years ago, and has a son together.

In the trailer, Dre’s character is seen hitting Michel’le in the face and ultimately pulling a gun out on her. The real Dre doesn’t want this to be seen by the public, although, he has publically apologized for his past actions.

According to TMZ, Dre’s legal team has issued a cease and desist letter as a warning to Sony. They also state in the letter that he never abused Michel’le  and that she never filed a police report against him or received medical attention at the time of their romance.

“Surviving Compton” premieres on Lifetime on Oct. 15.