Rapper and actor Ludacris transitioned his 2003, triple platinum -selling album Chicken-n-Beer into exactly that…chicken and beer.

This week, Ludacris announced that his restaurant, Chicken + Beer was now officially opened at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  After nearly four years to complete, Chicken + Beer is open for business on Concourse D inside the airport.

Ludacris previously co-owned and operated Straits, which was located in midtown Atlanta. So, this isn’t his first time venturing into the restaurant business. However, this time around he partnered with Jackmont Hospitality.  Jackmont is the owners of One Flew South, which is also a restaurant located at Hartsfield-Jackson. The “Fast & Furious” actor also sought additional consultation from chef Todd Richards and sommelier Jerry Slater, who also participated in the opening team for One Flew South.

The excitement of this new venture showed up in an Instagram video posted by Ludacris.


A video posted by @ludacris on

He also posted a menu from the restaurant. Chicken + Beer is staying true to it’s southern flair with fried chicken and waffles, battered catfish and such.