On January 18, singer-actress Christina Milian hosted JetSmarter’s Atlanta Launch private event at Cobb County Airport, which is located north of Atlanta. Milian partnered up with JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets, to kick-off the launch of their JetShuttle routes in Atlanta.

As with many celebrities and company executives, flying private is one of many perks. For Milian, the ability to secure a seat on a private jet provides convenience for her hectic business and family life. Traveling from her home base of Los Angeles to New York, for work on a regular commercial flight, just isn’t as time effective as a G5 flight. This is why she’s an avid spokesperson for JetSmarter and its affordability and popularity among jetsetters.

STACKS Magazine had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Milian to find out more about her partnership with JetSmarter. We also were able to find out about her first EVER jet flight and her do’s and don’ts when flying private.

SM: Why were you chosen to be an ambassador with JetSmarter?

CM: I was chosen to partner up with JetSmarter because I am a, definitely when it comes to travel, I’m constantly on the go. I’m a mom, a single mom. My work is definitely a priority, but family is also a priority for me and I like to involve both family and business. On top of that, my schedule is…one day it could change. I could be in L.A. one day, just comfortably at home, I’ll get a phone call and I have to go to New York or Atlanta the next day. I love the convenience of what JetSmarter is and you can book everything right on the app. It’s also affordable and it puts me among some like-minded people that enjoy the luxuries of travel, but without having to deal with the hassle of the airport.

SM: As a celebrity, saving a buck isn’t always associated with being a celebrity. Why do you think JetSmarter is a smarter way to go?

CM: First off, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I really realize the importance of a dollar. When it comes to JetSmarter, it just take a one-time initiation fee, you get a membership and there’s so many perks that go along with it. You get to fly private, book your own seat amongst other members through JetShuttle, then you can also book your own plane as well. You can create a flight that other people or members can join on. Like my friends, we could all join together and fly together. So, it’s kind of like a country club in the sky is what I like to say. You know, a little “members only” situation keeps it sexy.

SM: Can you tell me a little about your first jet experience? Where was it? How old were you?

CM: My first jet I ever had was, I was on tour with Usher in 2004 on the “Confessions Tour” with him and Kanye [West]. I had to fly from New York to Chicago. It was to do a radio show and I was, literally like, got off the stage, got to the airport. It was kind of scary because like a smaller plane. It was smaller, but when I got on it and got up in the sky, I was like “Oh, I like this. It’s not that scary. This is cool.” So, the first time it was like good food, good drinks. You get to lay back and enjoy yourself and not think about anything. So that was my first time, I got to walk to the front to see what it looks like in the front. It was a very enjoyable experience and I’m kind of hooked.

SM: What are your Top 3 Do’s and Don’t of flying on a jet?

CM: My Do’s are get some good food. You can eat anything that you want. Mr Chow, or McDonald’s, Popeye’s…just kidding. [laughs] You can do whichever you want. I would say the Do’s is do you thing. Fly comfortable. I don’t really have a Don’t about flying private. So, I’ll say maybe don’t bring anybody that you just don’t want to be on a plane with. Because when you fly private, private is privacy.


After watching the video interview up top, check out a second clip from the event below.


To find our more about JetSmarter, download the app on iOS or Andriod or visit their site at www.JetSmarter.com.