What’s in a name? Dollars and cents.

This is probably the reason why teen socialite Kylie Jenner battled it out with Australian pop star Kylie Minogue over the rights to the name “Kylie.”  For months, the two Kylie’s have disputed over the trademark, which started when Jenner’s lawyers filed a request in 2015. Later, in February 2016, Minogue’s team filed a notice of opposition regarding Jenner’s trademark application.

On January 19, 2017, Minoque’s team withdrew their notice of opposition. The BBC believes that this action may mean that the two sides have reached a settlement.

Who owns “Kylie”? No definitive answer has been made public as of yet. However, Jenner has had a rough time getting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to accept even her own full name.

In July 2016, the Trademark office rejected her “Kylie Jenner” trademark application. However, her lawyers filed an appeal. Their claim is that the trademarks would benefit her business (“Kylie Cosmetics”) and assist in her many entertainment-related endeavors. Minoque criticized Jenner’s filing calling her a “home-schooled” “secondary reality television personality” whose “photographic exhibitionism” has caused an outrage by offending black communities and disability rights. Minogue also cites that she’s been in the music business since 1979 and is known by many as “Kylie.”