It’s one thing for an average hustler to sell knock-off clothing. But, when major clothing brands do it, this takes things to another level.

Well, Forever 21 is back at it with their low cost rip-offs. This time, Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo” collection is being stolen and resold at various Forever 21 store locations and online, according to social media.

Twitter users went into an uproar when several of Kanye’s designs were identified on Forever 21’s website.

Twitter user SLVSTR (@lbnmargiela) called out Forever 21 on Thursday stating that they were biting Kanye’s “graffiti jacket, Pablo merch, and even the Planet Kosmos font used from Calabasas.”  Others chimed in and expressed their concerned about Forever 21’s lack of creativity.

This isn’t the first time Kanye’s Pablo designs has been used by the major clothing brand. In July 2016, as pointed out by Complex, Forever 21 sold t-shirts that were very similar to the Life of Pablo merchandise. Fans, accordingly, have continued to lash out at Forever 21. Unfortunately, the retailer have continued to sell knock-offs.

The retailer also has done the same with other brands as well. Puma’s Fenty line by Rihanna was a victim, as sales skyrocketed for the super star’s own line of sneakers, athletic gear, and such. Thrasher and even Tumblr artists has had their designs taken as well.

Forever 21 is too big of a company to not have product design staff who are driven by individuality and creativity. It can’t be that hard to create exclusive designs just for the Forever 21 shopper. It just can’t be…