Beyonce has asked the courts to dismiss a $20 million lawsuit regarding her “Formation” music video. The lawsuit was filed by the family of late New Orleans-area YouTube star Messy Mya, born Anthony Barré.

According to the Huffington Post, Beyonce’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit by Barré’s sister . The family claims Beyoncé used clips of Messy Mya’s voice in her “Formation” music video without permission. The family is seeking royalties and damages, and that he’s given credit for the track.

Beyoncé’s legal team insists that the use of the clips are considered “fair use” since they were less than 10 seconds. Also, her lawyer is contesting that the family has “grossly overstated” the usage of the clips.

“In reality, the snippets from the YouTube Videos were used only in the Music Video and, to a lesser extent, during the Live Performances,” the motion, filed by Beyoncé’s legal team, states. “As a result, all defendants without an alleged involvement in the Music Video or Live Performances should be dismissed regardless of the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims.”

The 22-year old YouTube star was shot and killed in the 7th Ward of New Orleans in 2010. Barré’s family argued that the Beyonce stole his signature YouTube phrase “I like that” and placed in the “Formation” video, along with his voice.
The singer’s legal team claims that using Barré’s voice is protected under the First Amendment for its “artistic relevance.” However, the practice of “fair use” has been debated numerous times in court and is subject to meet legal standards of being limited and “transformative.”