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Champs Sports today launches the latest installment of its “The Moment” franchise, with Episode Three highlighting star NFL wide receiver Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta-based hip-hop trio MIGOS.

“The Moment” is a Champs Sports franchise that provides a platform for professional athletes to share inspirational stories rooted in their personal journeys to success through musical collaborations.

Following two earlier successful collaborations between elite athletes and iconic artists, the third episode spotlights Julio Jones as he lives in his “moment” standing at the top of his sport.  Julio’s passion to play at a young age helped him stop at nothing to make his dreams of getting into the NFL a reality.  After another stellar regular season, highlighted by a fourth Pro Bowl selection, a 300-yard receiving game, and ending with a trip to the Super Bowl with the Falcons, Julio’s preparation is leading him from an eager child interested in the sport to now being a perennial Pro Bowl selection.

Inspired by his past, focused on his future, and living in “the moment,” Julio leads the Champs Sports audience through his journey. The episode begins with Julio walking down the paved streets of an Atlanta-based neighborhood clad in Under Armour with the MIGOS soundtrack playing until Julio approaches a group of young kids.  In this time frame, Jones begins to share his story beginning with, “As a kid… I was a dreamer” to then interacting and playing with the youth in the street.

After spending time with the children and walking further down the streets of Atlanta, Julio connects with MIGOS at the iconic 11th Street Studios where MIGOS plays the title song for the star athlete.

Through artfully captured photography and video, Julio Jones shares his personal story about the importance of following your dreams coinciding with “The Moment” that captures the Atlanta-based connection and story between Julio Jones and MIGOS. These young men have continued to push the boundaries of sport and culture, allowing them to live out their dreams.

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