Don’t believe everything you read.

Last week, a rumor surfaced that over 5,000 pairs of Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 Prime sneakers had sold on its first day of release. At $495 a pair, that meant that Big Baller Brand had $2,475,000 in sales in a matter of hours.

This rumor was found to be untrue.

According to Nice Kicks’ Matt Halfhill, the ZO2’s did sell, but no where close to 5,000 pair. In fact, Halfhill confirmed that only 34 total transactions were made on release day. These transactions included other merchandise as well like shirts, hats, etc. The day after, however, the number grew a bit to 328 transactions made, according to another staff member at Nice Kicks.

Out of the 328 transactions that happened on in the first 24 hours that the shoes were offered for sale, we tracked that a total of just 263 pairs of sneakers had sold in both signed and unsigned versions of the ZO2 Prime.

It is unsure where the inflated number of sneaker sales came from. Possibly from BBB’s camp to help keep the sensationalized momentum up for the brand. Nevertheless, numbers don’t lie when a bit of research and mathematical equations are used to determine what’s real for the ZO2’s.

Not accounting for shipping or sales tax (that doesn’t appear to be properly applied to transactions anyways), the total revenue for footwear in the first 24 hours was $157,685, based on the numbers sold for signed, unsigned, and the larger sizes that are priced at an extra $200.

While $157,685 is an incredible amount of sales in one day, it is far from the $2.5 million that numerous outlets have reported today online.