Comedian and actress Mo’Nique caused a stir during her stand-up show at the Apollo Theater this past weekend. The “Precious” star closed out her set by telling Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels to “suck my d–k, if I had one.”

Mo’Nique’s frustrations with the trio has been brewing for years. But, what made her finally snap? This is what the public wanted to know.

Well, Mo’Nique revealed why she’s highly upset with Oprah, Tyler, and Lee. Her and her husband, Sidney, went live on Periscope on Thursday to spill all the tea. And, a full cup of tea it was.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Mo’Nique says that Oprah welcomed Mo’s mother and father on “Oprah Winfrey Show” without telling her. Initially, it was supposed to only be Mo’s brother – the one that molested her as a child – on the talk show. She and Oprah discussed her unstable family dynamic on the phone prior to. But, at no time, did Oprah mention that Mo’s mom will be on the show.
  • She has seen Oprah several times since then, but they haven’t had an opportunity to talk it out.
  • Alfre Woodard has an annual dinner party for African-American female Oscar winners (past and present) and notable power players in the film industry. Mo’Nique (and maybe 19 guests) was invited to the event one year. At that event, Alfre stated that – once the attendees all gathered in the ‘red room’ – she had the opportunity to say whatever it is she wants to get off her chest. They were all there to offer up words of encouragement to Oscar nominee, Lupita Nyong’o. When Mo got up to speak, she spoke to Lupita and then turned to Oprah and expressed how hurt she was about her mother being on the show. Oprah’s response was like a slap in the face to Mo.
  • She hates Lee Daniels for telling Hollywood that she’s difficult to work with. During previous press runs for “Precious,” Lee was signing her praises.
  • Lee and Tyler Perry don’t like each other, but dealt with one another for the movie “Precious.”
  • Tyler thinks she’s difficult to work with too (due to Lee’s influence).
  • Mo’Nique was being asked to travel internationally to promote “Precious.”  They didn’t want to pay her though, although she’d done the movie as a favor to Lee.
  • She says her asking to be compensated for the promo run was fair based on her own personal requirements as an actress. To go against the powers that be, is like committing career suicide.
  • She believes Sheryl Underwood lied on “The Talk” about the private conversation with Adele Givens and others. For Sheryl to go on her talk show and claim they were friends was absurd. Sheryl has never reached out to Mo’Nique to see if she was okay.
  • She says the same is with Steve Harvey. He claims they are friends, but has not once called her.

Watch the full interview above.


Video by Daily Exclusive