issued a $1 million grant to the Equal Justice Initiative to help fund its From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration Musuem and Memorial to Peace and Justice. The two organizations continues to work together and, most recently, on a 80-page publication called Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror.

The Lynching in America project was written to help organize information surrounding numerous accounts of lynchings of Blacks in the U.S.. has donated another $1 million to help support the continuation of this effort and EJI’s work with racial injustices. As of today, has granted over $17 million in funds to help support racial justice initiatives.

To learn more about EJI and the Lynching in America project, you can visit

On the site, EJI showcases untold stories about lynching victims, as told by their descendants, along with factual data and research. Also, there are audio stories and a documentary, Uprooted, featured on the site that explores the impact lynchings and the civil rights era had on generations of families.

“I don’t think we can create a generation of people in this country who are truly free, who are unburdened by this legacy and this history of racial terror, until we do the hard work of truth-telling,” states Bryan Stevenson, founder of EJI.

Watch the “Uprooted” video below: