It’s official. Kevin Hart is now an author.

Hart’s first book, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons, is out today.  The memoir takes readers on a journey of Hart’s childhood to adulthood and reveals many of the dysfunctional-yet-funny realities of his life. While on his way to comedy stardom, Hart battled parental and marital woes with a range of characters like his drug-addicted father and ex-wife. However, he explains how he focused on his career throughout it all, even while dealing with the death of his biggest supporter, his mom.

Below are a few tidbits regarding Hart’s relationships with those he loved (via People):

About his dad’s addiction…

The book hilariously starts out by Hart telling readers he was conceived accidentally — and his mother Nancy was really mad at his father Henry for it. Hart then continues telling stories about his dad, who was an alcoholic and spent Hart’s early years in prison and often put him in dangerous situations when he got out.

The comedian recalls a time his dad was taking him to summer camp and dropped him off at a Catholic school instead, while another time he gave the then-8-year-old Hart command of a fishing boat only for him to immediately crash it. Hart also recalls how his father would often bring him gifts that turned out to be stolen items — one time even bringing a dog home for Hart and his brother Kenneth.

Well into adulthood, Hart would discover something else about his father, who was addicted to drugs at one point and robbed Kenneth’s barbershop. While cleaning out his mother’s house, Hart discovered that Henry had fathered several children while still married to his mom — and named almost all the boys Robert, just like his older brother.

About his new wife and his drinking problems…

In the book, Hart recalls one of the lowest points of his life when he realized alcohol had become a problem. The actor was “on the freeway driving home from a club” with his then-longtime girlfriend and now wife Eniko Parrish Hart when they were pulled over while Parrish was “trying to lower my pants. I may have veered a few times outside of the lane in the process, and we got lit up,” Hart recalls.

The actor ended up being booked for a DUI while Parrish had to call a friend to take her home after she was left alone on the freeway. He later realized that the wake-up call was just what he needed after several instances of driving home while drunk, and he vowed never to do it again — hiring a driver to take him home instead when he partied a little too hard.


I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons is available now on Amazon , Barnes & Noble, and other online and retail outlets.