Chance The Rapper offered his assistance in saving SoundCloud. He took to Twitter last Thursday stating such without giving any real details.

Last week, SoundCloud was reported to be in the slumps as a streaming company.  Apparently, the company only has enough funding to survive ’til the end of 2017.  Close to 40% of their employees were laid off and announcements that SoundCloud’s London and San Francisco offices were being shut down was made public. Only the offices in New York and Berlin will remain open.

The abrupt changes at SoundCloud appear to be a way to cut costs and remain in the streaming game. Their biggest rivals are Spotify and Apple Music, which both remain as top tier streaming services serving millions of loyal subscribers.

One user that is a champion of SoundCloud is Chicago rapper, Chance The Rapper. Once hearing the disparaging news, Chance told his Twitter followers that “I’m working on the SoundCloud thing.” And then he tweeted again later, “Just had a very fruitful call with Alex Ljung. @SoundCloud is here to stay.”

We’ll just have to wait to see what Chance and Alex’s conversation consisted of and exactly how the Grammy-winning artist may have saved the day.

In related news…

Moments after Chance stood up for SoundCloud, a group of producers felt that the rapper was full of sh*t.

The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League ongoing issues with Chance came to a head on Twitter last week. The group feels like the rapper exploits producers by using their beats without having to pay royalties. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Flying Lotus are two sets of producers who claims that Chance used their beats without paying them.

“The thing is @chancetherapper normalized the free business model,” the League stated. “Don’t pay (or pay minimal) for creation, post on SC and not pay royalties. Def gonna hear from @chancetherapper manager/lawyer this week after these tweets so they can try and weasel their way out of paying again. @chancetherapper is now the big evil corporation taking advantage of the little guy pulling charity stunts under the guise of God.”

Soon after their tweet, Chance contacted the group via phone.  “Just spoke with the man of God @chancetherapper he told us to sue or pull up him for the money he owes us,” they wrote. “The truth shall set you free @chancetherapper that’s why you was so mad over the phone g. I don’t need your money, I just need your truth!”

However, Chance had a rebuttal ready. “This part is true,” Chance responded. “But the money I ‘owe’ you, I paid to the actual producer who is suing you currently to get out of that slave deal.”

The League then clapped back and said “There is no law suit in place Chance. Sitcho ass down. Obviously YOU don’t know business.”

Apparently, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s biggest issue with Chance is over the “No Problems” beat that helped skyrocket the song to Grammy status. The League owns the publishing and production for that track.