Drake and his father, Dennis, has teamed up for the marketing campaign of Virginia Black Whiskey. The whiskey brand is the latest business venture for the Toronto-rapper and creator, Brent Hocking.

In the ads, Drake and his pops make fun of Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World. “You wanna know who’s not worried about The Most Interesting Man in the World? The realest dude ever.” Drake says in one clip. The camera then pans to Dennis who is sipping on the drink and responds, “First date? Oh, you know we’re going Dutch.”

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In a second ad, Dennis jokingly says, “What’s under my du-rag? Another du-rug.”

Will Drake’s whiskey be as successful as Diddy’s or Jay’s? Time will tell, however, his business partner has had success in the past and believes Drake’s culture influence will prove profitable.

For Brent Hocking, this is his second beverage being cosigned by hip-hop celebrity. In 2009, he founded DeLeon tequila and, four years later, sold it to Diageo and P. Diddy. Now, he’s pushing a new spirit alongside Drake, which will make this venture be the OVO CEO’s first ever liquor undertaking.

According to a 2016 Forbes article, Hocking and Drake met in 2011 and established a friendship. The two appeared to have common interests in basketball, music, and drinking. It was through these conversations that Virginia Black was born. Hocking’s thoughts are that “If the women love it, the men will follow,” which is why Drake became the missing link to the puzzle. All the ladies love Drake.

“Heineken will give you a million dollars,” he said. “But if you want to do this right—and you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work in celebrity liquor—you’re going to have to be all in.”

Virginia Black has certain characteristics that makes it so unique. “It must be aged at least two years and contain 61% corn. Hocking struck a deal with the distiller MGP to create a blend of two-year, three-year and four-year bourbons,” states Forbes.