Some would expect that the anticipation of Kanye Wests’ clothing would’ve died down by now. But, over the past four seasons fans continue to flock to pop-up shops and online to get their hands on Yeezy’s “Yeezy” collection. For those eagerly waiting to see what the next batch will look like, pictures of the Yeezy Season 5 collection has hit the net and is here for our viewing pleasure.

In true Yeezy style, the fifth segment contains the standard sweatsuit, joggers, tees, and outerwear collective. What’s different this time are the pops of brighter colors that are featured on his letterman jacket, for instance. Again, Yeezy Season 5 straddles the fence between subtlety, comfort, and trendy. But, at least, fashion enthusiasts can brighten up their closets and not leave it so drab.

Over 150 pieces of clothing will be produced with Yeezy Season 5. The collection was initially debuted during New York Fashion Week this past February.

The actual release date for the collection is yet known.


Photo credit: HypeBeast