Fired Fox News executive, Francisco Cortes, has filed a $48 million lawsuit against the network. Cortes, who was fired because of a sexual harassment case, says he’s innocent and want the network to pay up.

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Cortes claims he was finessed into signing an agreement to keep his mouth closed about the harassment case. He was accused of sexually harassing Tameka Holder, a former contributor for Fox. Although Cortes claims their connection was consensual, Holder was paid a $2.5 million settlement in the case.

Under silence, Cortes was unable to defend himself at the settlement hearing. He was under the impression that no one would talk, but instead Cortes was made a scapegoat. Cortes claims his silence made it seem to the courts that Fox was proactive in how they handled the harassment case.

Cortes is suing on grounds of fraud and defamation and is seeking $48 million from Fox News parent company, Twenty-First Century Fox.