Starz hit drama series “Power” is in the center of a legal battle.  The network, 50 Cent, and series creator Courtney Kemp are being accused of copyright infringement. However, the Defendants is denying those claims and is asking the courts to dismiss the lawsuit.

Per Deadline…

Other than the fact that both works involve an African-American protagonist , they bear no similarities beyond the generalized theme of a crime drama and stock creative elements that flow from this most basic of premises,” says a motion (read it here) to dismiss the amended complaint of Larry Johnson and Blake Keller’s initially filed copyright infringement and fraud suit of last October.

In the fall of 2016, Johnson went after the premium cabler, the multi-platinum rapper and actor, Power creator Courtney Kemp, CBS Television and others alleging that they had access to his Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid script and ripped it off. Represented by Bill Cosby’s ex-lawyer Monique Pressley among others and having filed a first amended complaint on July 22, the plaintiff is seeking sweeping unspecified damages.

A published author of several books, Johnson and fellow plaintiff and his editor Keller claim that the Tribulation script was passed on to defendant Nikki Turner a few years ago and consequently made its way to Kemp and Jackson as the basis for the 2014 debuting Power.

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