“679” rapper Fetty Wap claims his assistant stole $250,000 from him. He has since fired her and plans on taking her to court to get his money back.

Shawna Morgan allegedly posed as Fetty Wap’s manager and booking agent as a way to scheme venues out of extra fees. Sources from Fetty’s RGF Productions team says Morgan collected booking fees and then pretended to be his manager in order to receive more money.

Morgan claims she wasn’t actually fired and says its RGF that owes her $250K. According to her, she continuously had to foot the bill for touring expenses on her credit card. Morgan says she was never reimbursed and has the receipts to prove it.  However, she did booked gigs for Fetty, but claims she only took the industry standard 10 percent from each booking.

Fetty Wap and RGF doesn’t want to send her to jail, instead is relying on an attorney to see how to proceed with suing her.