Floyd Mayweather won his 50th title fight on Saturday night against MMA fighter-turned-boxer, Conor McGregor. The fight, which ended in the 10th round, ended with both fighters taking home major stacks. McGregor is $100 million dollars richer, while Mayweather is now the third athlete ever to earn $1 billion.

Numerous interviews with the champ has been reported, but only a few truly captures a more personal side one of the world’s greatest boxers. In an interview, filmed three days before the August 26 fight, Mayweather gets a bit more candid about two highly-publicized topics surrounding him: money and women.

Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee talks to Mayweather in his Las Vegas digs about all things boxing and details regarding his lavish lifestyle and stable of female companions. What’s interesting about Mayweather’s comments are that his thoughts on women can be interpreted as a bit skewed. According to the boxer, “having one woman is too close to having none.”

“When you come to my house, you be like “what the f**k is this?” That’s what a lot of people say. But once you be around me, you get to know me. You get to know all the girls and you come around the family. You be like “oh, that ain’t sh*t. So, if I go somewhere and I be with one girl, you be like “Mayweather tripping.”

Mayweather goes on to speak about boxers Adrien Bonner and “Tank” Davis, Mayweather Promotions, Justin Bieber, friendships and why he tend to financially help the people around him. V103FM’s [Atlanta] Big Tigger drops in on the conversation with a few questions of his own.

“With so many hands out and so many people wanting to be apart of the Money Team, what differentiates who gets and who don’t?,” asks Big Tigger.

“You have to bring something to the table. He know [looks at Tank]. The main thing is you have to be an asset, not a liability. Even if it’s females. They be like “yeah Floyd got this female around. It’s just a girl…” No, it don’t work like that. Most of the time if I have a woman around, she has to have some type of hustle about herself. If she don’t have a hustle, she has to have some type of smarts. She has to bring something to the table because like…. Of course, I could meet a woman and she don’t bring nothing to the table then, I mean, I could f**k her then what. All it is, is just a f**k. She go her way, I go my way. I ain’t gone treat her like sh*t, but she gone go her way and I’m gone go my way. And, if we see each other in passing and we speak, then that’s what it is.”

Watch the full interview above.


Source: Hollywood Unlocked/YouTube

Photo credit: Associate Press