Actress Gabrielle Union has partnered up with New York & Company for a new ready-to-wear clothing collection. The Gabrielle Union Collection features 51 pieces, which includes work-ready and casual looks that can easily be mixed and matched. A portion of the collection, seven pieces total, are sold online only.

All of the clothing items retail for under $100 and range in sizes 0-20.

Gabrielle Union recently spoke with People magazine about her personal style and its evolution.

“I used to really be…I wanted to be safe, I wanted to be liked, I didn’t want to stand out I just wanted to look nice and presentable and I didn’t want anyone to point me out for, what was it? ‘When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People.’ I lived in fear of that segment in the magazine.”

“I just got to this really great place in life where I was like F it, I don’t care, I just dressed for my mood for that day. And I started to work with Thomas Kikos and he was like, can we just go there? Can we just try different stuff? He’s like if you don’t like it you don’t have to wear it and I started trying stuff and I loved how I felt and then we just started looking through images and getting fashion muses, having fashion muses and trying different stuff and then developing like my own style and I literally goes from my drop crotch joggers and emebellished pants to always having a statement outerwear.”

To view and purchase the new Gabrielle Union Collection, click HERE!