This past weekend, an anonymous person placed a $880,000 bet for the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight. All monies were placed on Mayweather.

With the fight only two weeks away, Vegas’ own Mayweather is the -550 favorite, which means you need to bet $550 to win $100. To make a decent payout, a bettor would have to dump a large amount of money towards the bet.

The anonymous person(s) has been identified and it’s none other than casino magnates, Gavin and Joe Maloof.  If Mayweather win the fight, the Maloofs will see a $120,000 payout.

The Maloof brothers are the wealthy owners of the Palms Casino Resort and part of the Vegas Golden Knights. They also own a product called a hangover supplement, ‘Never Too Hungover. Apparently, their Mayweather bet is a part of a marketing campaign to help raise awareness for the product. The entire winnings will also go to charity of Maloof’s choice.