A Las Vegas car crash scheme is being cited as the largest multidefendant indictment in Nevada history.

Last week, twenty-four individuals were indicted on racketeering, fraud, and battery charges for staging car crashes and filing fraudulent insurance claims.  According to authorities, the crashes occurred mainly on Nellis Boulevard. The crashes urged several people in the group to file false insurance claims, with over 12 different insurers, totaling approximately $500,000.

The crashes, in which 17 of them cite Julio Ceasar Gonzalez behind the wheel, caused an young child and an elderly couple to sustain injuries.

“They didn’t have any discretion as to who they were targeting in these matters,” Kovac said.

How the scheme worked? The first car would drive to the area and another car would follow. The first care would hit their brakes suddenly, which forces the second car to brake quickly as well. The unsuspecting victim would have no choice but to rear-end the second car.

The group that has been indicted faces 68 counts, even the individuals who only offered up their cars for the scheme. Others face charges for allowing others to file insurance claims using their name, according to the 40-page indictment.


Ten people have been arrested so far.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

Photo credit: Review Journal