Tech companies have faced criticism over diversity and hiring practices. Now, a lawsuit is raising the veil on unfair gender-based pay practices as well.

On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed in San Francisco Superior Court against Google with claims of systematic pay discrimination. Three women, Holly Pease, Kelly Ellis, and Kelli Wisuri, jump started the class action suit after learning that the company were paying men a higher salary although their career experience and track were comparable.

One of the plaintiffs claims that she found out that male engineers with similar experience were being hired to higher-level positions and making more money. Although she received excellent performance reviews and had the same career experience, she was overlooked. Therefore, she eventually quit Google.  “I have come forward to correct a pervasive problem of gender bias at Google,” Kelly Ellis said in a statement. “It is time to stop ignoring these issues in tech.”

James Finbery, of Altshuler Berzon LLP, is leading the plaintiffs case. It is noted in the suit that a male engineer – who was later fired – sent out a company memo airing out Google’s male and female differences and the lack of women in engineering roles.

The suit will include other California-based Google employees and will seek lost wages and a portion of the company’s profits.

Google denies any gender pay gaps.

Source: AP