Russell Westbrook has cashed in again. This time it is in a very major way.

Westbrook is extending his sneaker deal with Jordan Brand for 10 years, according to ESPN. The deal is being reported as the most lucrative in the brand’s history. His contractual terms includes an on-court signature shoe and an annual donation from Jordan to Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation.

Via Complex

Westbrook signed with Jordan Brand in 2013, and has since become the face of its yearly flagship shoe. That will hold for the coming season as he leads the Air Jordan 32, but it’s unclear who will take that mantle once the Oklahoma City Thunder star gets his own performance model.

Jordan Brand released Westbrook’s first signature shoe, the off-court Jordan Westbrook 0 silhouette intended for lifestyle wear, in 2015. The pair was succeeded by the Jordan Westbrook 0.2 in late 2016.

According to ESPN, an industry source says that Westbrook’s on-court model will be “unlike anything that Jordan Brand has done before.”

Congrats to Westbrook!

Photo credit: Nike News